stares very intently at pictures of undercuts

Okay, but honestly

An AU where the Guardians are in a poly live in situation and want Jack as their new boyfriend and Pitch is their evil ex who wants Jack for himself


Lookbook for - 1953 |The Head Wrap Collection By Folasade Adeoso

Creative Director - Folasade Adeoso
Photographer - abbensetts

At 1953, our vision is to represent the confidence, diversity, and creativity of women, and to do so with integrity.
At the same time, we aim to promote the individuality and beauty of all women.
Each unique headwrap is a celebration of African culture and represents the women that are pushing this diverse cultural vision forward.


Sometimes I forget there are people who believe the bible is 100% real and not edited or historically innacurate in any way and when I end up in a conversation with one I just

masterfeels said: omg that vase though. also those purple blue flowers are one of my favs.

Yeah, weirdly, I have no idea what those flowers are? But they sure are pretty.

The vase is a Rosenthal one, though. It’s my faaaaaaaaaaavorittttttttte.

linddzz said: Hugs friend. Many hugs

ji lili in “remembrance of all things past” for l’officiel china sept. 2010

ji lili in “remembrance of all things past” for l’officiel china sept. 2010